Saturday, December 1, 2018

Oh naw

Okay first thing first i'm in the bathroom
Why? Okay so- wait no- first, this isn't the first time i bring my phone into the bathroom also not one in many times this is like the second time.

Okay whatever
I just haven't been feeling well this past week- i'm taking a dump. I am not feeling so good Mr. Stark.
Stomach issues or whatever.
Bathroom back and forth.
Not the excuse of why i haven't been posting for the last 3 months. There's actually no reason at all idk.

Ok idk why i'm talking about this when i really shouldn't be this isn't the place to do it but ugh whatever.
I'm out of the bathroom.

So apologies and stuff tho i really shouldn't i mean who am i apologizing to? There's nobody to apologize to. So i don't own anyone an apology if i do apologize anyway it won't be sincere let's be honest here.

So i won't apologize, kinda useless in this situation. I don't feel sorry?? I didn't let anybody down right? Aaand the reason why i haven't posting???

It's a thing with me really idk i just lost that damn commitment and lost track of this and all. I just don't do it anymore. It was all yay fun and then ok i'll do it until it's like oh i forgot to do it for the past 2 years oh well. Then sorta just left it.

Leaving and all that stuff like that time i bailed theater club i'm actually still sorry about that especially to the director with the highest order, sir, i am very sorry. Yes the thing was it was all fun and i really loved it until bam i just bailed and yeah?? Welp i regret that bring it back pls. Bring me back in?

I'm losing track of what i'm supposed to be writing down but that's also the thing with me surely this shouldn't be that hard for me to do just literally start typing eventually things start to come outta my mind then write those down and then it's never really a big deal like it's so easy why did i always try to make it a big deal both in quantity and quality as if i have enough commitment to do big deals.

No, right? You don't so just do it who cares who reads this anyway everything i just typed doesn't make any sense and they're all just thoughts not written in time so they're past thoughts trying to be brought back but instead of bringing them back organized they're just all over the place. That's it there you go.

So just start typing, no big deal.

Also another thing with me is that i probably triple check everything i write so in case there's a past thought i miss that i should be writing down IT'S LIKE OH FOOTBALL I'M FEELING LIKE I'M MISSING SOMETHING WHAT IS IT WHAT DID I THINK OF AAAAHHHH!!!!

Teeny update i've picked my movie watching hobby back up again and i'm thriving bishes. Venom was fun af. TOM HARDY YOU'RE AMAZING MAAANNN.

Till next time

-Kam doesn't know how to keep up

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ok but honestly

I am sooooo conflicted right now, not sure that's the right word to use but hear me out-

Hello people what's up my name is Connor I'm the android sent by CyberLife?
Yes. No.

So, I want to play more video games right.
I know that I wanted a New 2DS XL, but right now though, I don't see that as something I really want, there are some more things I want, above that in my sort of priority list....

Obviously, if you can't tell, I want to play Detroit: Become Human like sooo bad, why? I like. Thank.
I'm honestly already planning which path I wanna take first and literally finish everything I want a 100% completion, I want to see EVERY single possibilities.


Papa's Scooperia! I mean who doesn't like ice cream?? AND COOKIES???

Jacksepticeye's gameplays of Detroit: Become Hu- HELLO. MY NAME IS CONNOR. I'm the Android sent by Cyberlife.

Is it okay to say that... maybe I actually have a crush on Connor? HE'S LIKE SO PRETTY I LOVE HIM. PRETTY, HANDSOME BOY. His perfect hair, perfect face, that darn suit, BRYAN'S VOICE. WOW I'M IN LOVE. Okay STOP KAM STOP.

What the hell.
Ok but that's the truth. He's our boy.

Friday, August 3, 2018

All over the place

HEYYY GUYS!!!!!!!! (hey people what's up) lol

so Uhhhhhhhhhh
yeah I didn't do 5 blog posts last month... that's all right I suppose?? Nobody cares? Maybe I do but I ALWAYS forgot to do it so it's all on me.

I just made an unnecessary joke that I feel like shouldn't be out there but nobody heard it I feel like... I'd still apologize. So sorry, that was out of nowhere.

Okay now what do you wanna talk about?
I'm typing pretty fast right now, but not in an efficient way... you know... my fingers are all over the place, I'm still "practicing" lmaooo.
I'm not yet one of those who do no typo and use all ten fingers in correct places.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The heckin

Hey peeps wazaaaaa


So im in a cinema and about to watch a movie
But i rly wanna just talk about ant man and the wasp right here for a bit

Spoiler ahead ok?

Well how did we feel about amatw? If youre a marvel fan you know!! How!! It feels!!

Honestly i loved it
Yea it was fun and games until the mf credit scenes

Like fgs i came here to heal
BUT OH THEYRE STILL playing! That mf! Game!

Yeah they dusted hope janet and hank
Btcj r u serious

Like i knew it was coming
Shocked but not surprise
But duuuuude

I was prepared this time, wasnt like when i was watching a:iw but STILL
Come on marvel, really? U rEALLY had to do this to us again?!

It was still painful i was like oh f**k
I was sitting there not believing what just happened


Yep they heckin did

And if u think i was just talking about the first credit scene, WELL URE WRONG

The first one was terrible, painful, unbelievable
But the second one, it all started to sink in

Did u see the tv? Did u hear the eerie noise coming from it? Well that- that..

That's the aftersnap
Maybe minutes after it happened

Do u feel the confusion coming from the world in that scene?

Yeah ok i'm done :'


-Kam fELT it

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Oofed but not surprised

I obvs saw Ant-Man and the Wasp
So I will express HOW I F E E L about amatw soon! Later! ?
Yes just wait orrr don't it hurts
IT WILL BE SPOILER-FILLED I warn y'all! I will warn y'all again later
Ily bye

-Kam is referencing Oliver

Wow (moar cattos)

At this point I'm not even sure if I should say sorry. Even though I know I should. I just don't know if it really matters. Who am I apologizing to?


No really you don't have to.

But still, sorry.

I'm here now, though, because... I desperately need to update whoever's out there about the current situation and what went down.

So basically the now resting in peace first cat that we had, just got more grandkittens.
Yeah, Oreo gave birth.

Our oldest catto just gave birth to 4 doggo lookin' kittens! Today! July 12th!
Let's be honest every single newborn kittens look like smol doggos. Well, maybe not all of them but all of the ones I saw.

The process was, incredibly tiring, for the momma catto. I'm not sure exactly how it was. But wow was she meowing like crazy. A few times. Before pushing out the wild newborns of the 3rd generation.

So, names... not quite sure actually.
But they all almost look like their older brothers and sisters. But they're not gonna have the same name obvs that's not cool.

Just wanna let everyone know at this time of writing my cutest cat Mars is sitting right in front of me, just... looking at me, and looking around, wanting to be pet.

So, these 4 will have names, but maybe not now? Since the last time I announce the birth of kittens I didn't really write down their names.

BUT I will describe them!
- One of them is like an Oreo Jr, this kitkat looks like mommy. But the thing is, we already named one Oreo Jr, so no, maybe like, OwO. LOL NO.
- One of them is VERY multicolored, like VERY, like mix black, white, and brown-ish orange into a blender, like a sunflower seed! Maybe we'll call this one Sid, or really, just Seed.
- And then we got another emo catto, only this one it's even more emo. Like having Phil's longest haircut, with longer fringe(bangs) and it's covering its eyes and its eyes go through the hair.
- And the last one, is the one looking like it's wearing the Black Panther suit. Again. I mean actual T'Challa [SPOILER] got snapped and remembering it makes me said sooo...

Maybe both packs from the 3rd generation really do have the same father, I really don't know. Our cats are WILD nowadays. Nobody knows. :/

So uh that's it hey thanks for reading bye now :D

-Kam is like heckin confused